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The Talkin' Texan loves and adores Joyce, because not only does she have the finest bookstores in America, Joyce Miskis staunchly supports Free Speech, Freedom of the Press and The Constitution of the United States.

Both the F.B.I and the C.I.A. approached her and demanded she release all the names and addresses of her customers and what types of books they purchased from The Tattered Cover, or The Tattered Cover Website. Joyce refused and was immediately  taken to court by the Federal Government.

Joyce prevailed and won the suit against her on a minor technicality. Yeah, I think it was something called "The Constitution of the United States" signed by John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and 46 others.

Anytime I want to purchase a book, It's only at The Tattered Cover.

The Tattered Cover Bookstore also has a nifty Coffee Shop on the 1st floor and the daily newspaper. Lots of comfortable chairs to read my newly purchased book, because sometimes it was so cold and snowy outside during the Winter I wanted a delicious hot cup of coffee while I read the first few chapters of my new book.

Many Famous and Infamous Authors will read and sign their books at The Tattered Cover. I was fortunate enough to see Ann Margaret there one enchanting evening. Ann Margaret is a lot prettier than most Authors.

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