Talkin' Texan Pricing Policy

Folks often wonder why our Website Prices are so low.

Why are we so much lower than our competition? Pricing Don't get "scalped" by our competitors.

We are 10%, 20%, 30%, even 100% and 200% less than our competition. Sometimes my prices are lower than most Websites Wholesale prices!

We sell the finest quality merchandise way below our competition because:

1. We don't have to pay the high rent of a retail location.

2. We don't have to spend a small fortune on display fixtures.

3. We don't have to pay for newspaper, radio, or T.V. advertising.

4. We don't have to pay for expensive cash registers.

5. We don't have to be concerned with shoplifting.

6. Our Father left us quite a sizeable fortune and we tried

retirement for awhile, but it was way too boring, especially

when the fish weren't biting, and this is a lot more fun.

Our prices are near wholesale, so I lose money on nearly every

order we ship, but we make it up on Volume.

7. Our wives and girlfriends prefer to wear Levis and Boots

instead of expensive Designer Dresses and Spiked Heels.

Plus, they are excellent cooks, so we don't have to eat-out all the time. And yes, we do cook for our wives. Miranda loves my Texas Firehouse Chili, Buffalo Beef Stew, Pinto Beans and Hush Puppies, and my children love my Chili Dogs, Chili Burgers, and Frito Pies.

8. You may have noticed that we "Do Not" have a "Shopping Cart."

Nope, No "Shopping Cart." - Shopping Carts are Very Time Consuming and Expensive. You may have Noticed that I write Books and Short Stories. PDF Files - Download Instantly Plus, I have 2 More Websites, and I will design another New Website Next Year. (Yeah, I m Not the best Website Designer.) I am semi-retired, and I Greatly Admire Our Native American Indian Hand-Crafted Designers. I also enjoy Writing.

9. Our Goal is to give our Native American Indian Handcrafters as much exposure and Sales of their One of a kind Designs as possible. Yes, Buy American!!! We have dealt Directly with Hopi, Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Zuni Native American Indians since 1971. We DO NOT jack them around and ask for net 30 terms, or make them wait for several months to get paid. We pay them "at once" and in Cash if they so desire. Therefore we receive their Absolute Lowest Price on their Native American Indian Jewelry. We pass these savings along to our Customers.

Karlie Kloss -Swimsuit model - Victoria's Secret

10. The "Only" Native American "is" the Native American Indian.

perhaps Y'all may have learned about Christopher Columbus,

and The Mayflower Landing during your History Classes in School.

Gee, I certainly Hope So.

Columbus Day Holiday! Well, it doesn't make Our Native American Indians very happy, but the Italians and everyone in Government in America receive a Three Day Holiday. Isn't is Odd that the Italians told Columbus to "take a hike" to Spain, but he chose to Sail for the Queen of Spain? Shouldn't Spaniards be given a longer holiday? The Queen Loved Italian Spices, hand tossed Pizza, and so do I. Gracias Bonjorno.


 *** When our costs go down, we lower our prices. We have reduced our prices on Beadalon Products at least three times within the last 6 months. Our costs on Liquid Silver Jewelry, Turquoise Watches, Turquoise Sterling Silver Belt Buckles, and Sterling Silver Gemstone Watches have gone up, but we keep these prices low just to irritate our competition.

We love having our on-line customers purchase again and again. All reorders are eligible for a $5.00 discount. Orders and Reorders

Free Shipping on All Orders over $50.00 within The Continental United States

Y'all come back real soon now, yah heah.

Frequently Asked Questions About Us 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

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