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Support Your Local Bookstore Even Overseas - Did y'all know that your Local book Store located anywhere overseas can order the Talkin' Texan Book for y'all and save you a ton of shipping charges verses buying any number of Talkin' Texan Books on-line??? Geez, I sure didn't. Yep, y'all can just walk in to any Local Book Store anywhere in the World and ask for the Talkin' Texan Book by name and they can get the book for you.

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Texas Cookbook - Cookin' n Bookin' Texas Style (Shucks, I am Sold Out) It had my Grandma's recipe for scrumptious Texas Apple Pie.

I also make the absolutely "best" Texas Pecan Pie y'all ever tasted. Well, that is, iffin I don't forget to turn off the dad blasted oven before it turns into Charcoal. Ain't them Fire Alarms wonderful thangs?

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